CMS Console in Developer mode

30 junio 2014

As you know, you can log into the C1 CMS Console at this address: http://<your_website>/Composite/top.aspx.

the C1 CMS Console can also work in Developer mode. In this mode, the C1 CMS Console shows more development-related information on additional panes. This information can help you debug the website 's components, for example, JavaScripts.

To open the C1 CMS Console in Developer mode, you need to add debug files to your website and switch the login screen to Developer mode with a specific key combination or an URL with a specific parameter.

Adding debug files

First of all, you need to add debug files to your websites. The version of the debug files should match that of C1 CMS you are using.

You can download the debug files from Just look for the Debug files download link on the download page of your C1 CMS version.

For example, for Version 4.0 the debug files will be available as the package "Composite C1 4.0 Debug (C1 Package with DLLs, PDBs and uncrunched javascript)".

  1. Download the debug files for your C1 CMS version.
  2. Install it as a local package on your website (System / Packages / Install Local Package)
  3. Complete the package installation wizard.

Once the package is installed, the C1 CMS Console will reload.

Opening CMS Console in Developer mode

  1. Open http://<your_website>/Composite/.
  2. Press SHIFT.
  3. Click the green button that reads "Start Developer Mode".
  4. Log in.

Alternatively, you can open http://<your_website>/Composite/top.aspx?mode=develop and log in.

When you've logged in to the C1 CMS Console, at the bottom of the window you can see the System Log pane and the Developer pane with three tabs: ViewsDialogsActions.

You also have the Developer menu, where you can choose to show and hide these and other developer panes.



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