How to view unpublished and unsaved pages

30 junio 2014

When you save a page you've just edited, it saves as a draft. It is not publicly available on your website unless you "Publish" it or "Save and Publish" it. This means that visitors will see the page without the latest changes, and you have a chance to keep working on changing it further. In C1 CMS, you can view the "saved"/ "unpublished" page as well as preview the page while editing without actually saving it...


CMS Console in Developer mode

30 junio 2014

the C1 CMS Console can also work in Developer mode. In this mode, the C1 CMS Console shows more development-related information on additional panes. This information can help you debug the website 's components, for example, JavaScripts. To open the C1 CMS Console in Developer mode, you need to add debug files to your website and switch the login screen to Developer mode with a specific key combination or an URL with a specific parameter...

How to enable comments on blog posts

30 junio 2014

If you want readers to comment on your blog posts, make use of any third-party social commenting service. When you are writing your post, make sure to choose to display the comments by enabling its corresponding option. Let's take a closer look at using the DISQUS as your commenting service for your blog...


About this blog

30 junio 2014

We created this blog using a package called "Composite.Community.Blog". To edit the blog posts as well as customize the blog itself, you should log into the C1 CMS Console. We added the blog on a page "Blog". This is where you can add your own posts and customize the way they look...




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